L.E.F. in Action

What if the whole of prison culture could be changed by changing the individuals who perpetuate it? What if hardened Lifers could be transformed into reformed ones? Is there a way to do this? There is. By helping Lifers achieve higher education, specifically, accredited Bachelor of Arts/Science degrees and beyond. Higher education will give all Lifers a meaningful stake in their own lives, and shift their concerns in a new direction, thereby pulling the rest of the prison population with them.

For qualified Lifers who are dedicated, we provide charitable scholarships to continue their education. We fund those Lifers who have already completed an Associate of Arts degree. A student who has first spent 2 years studying to successfully earn an Associate of Arts degree, is a student who is serious and capable. These are the Lifers who can best generate sustained reform of the larger population, because they have first started the process of reform in themselves.

Here at L.E.F., we make sure to provide complete support services so that participating Lifers stay focused and progressing. We negotiate with various universities and colleges in order to secure the best-value programs, and we give more consideration to those schools that are willing and able to provide support personnel. We require that all Lifer students maintain a standard of excellence, both academically and behaviorally, in order merit continued funding, and we work closely with prison proctors to uphold this standard.

We want to ensure that these Lifers continue the process of reform, both in themselves, and also in those around them. The best way to continue that reform, is by continuing the means through which it started - Higher Education.